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Grissel Montiel

Marketing manager, social media strategist, and cyberjournalist with more than 13 years of experience in Social Media in professional industries and as a consultant and university professor, with many studies in digital marketing, social media, and journalism. I’m adventurous and passionate about technology and geek life. I don't say it, I show it, and I show it with results measured in profit and business profitability.

I love teaching

Either in classrooms, auditoriums, webinars or as a blogger. If the people who work by my side grow even a little thanks to something I can do, I would be having the best job, the ideal one


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" An excellent professional. She's creative, proactive, and isn't afraid of a challenge. Perceptive, with exceptional people skills that are a must in the complex world of digital marketing. "

Jesús Reyes Borjas

Our Services


Branding or Rebranding

Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand or wish to refresh an existing one, it’s essential to count on a qualified team that can make it adaptable and attractive to the market. Our team will make sure that the story of your brand shines through by creating a portfolio, logo, identity guide, guidelines for application in a variety of formats, a strong marketing concept, and the definition of the specific and general objectives for your brand. With our know-how and experience, we’ll expertly package your brand to make you stand out from the crowd by creating a meaningful experience for customers.


Outsourced CMO Services


Having a clear understanding of who and what your brand is will allow you to gain more awareness and market it better. Our team of qualified professionals are experts in creating campaigns that maximize your ROI by gathering information related to the brand’s line of business. This process includes everything from market research, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, and digital presence analysis to the creation of the content guide in order to begin with social media management.


Social Media Marketing

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An effective social media strategy goes beyond posting the right thing at the right time. It actually means comprehensively managing your brand’s online presence to drive conversions and increase brand awareness. To achieve this, our talented team creates the brand’s personality and content guide, curates content, posts content and provides follow-up. In addition, we provide digital customer service, detect complaints and opportunities for improvement, manage online reputation crisis and difficulties, and create and measure strategy implementations and actions. This process ensures that your brand engages with customers through meaningful content to serve your business goals.


Digital PR

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According to the interests of the brand’s target audience, we assess the profiles of influencers and micro-influencers that could benefit your brand in terms of reach, branding, and sales by using digital research techniques. We contact them online and invite them to get to know the brand – having previously defined the common benefits between the parties – provide follow-up, and report the results achieved with this strategy. Our collaborative approach to PR is a great way to gain exposure, reach larger audiences, and provide measurable results for your business.


Outsourced CMO Services


A proven Chief Marketing Office can offer in-depth insights on what strategic plans can be applied to your brand while minimizing risks and maximizing measurable results. This service is offered to companies that need comprehensive consultancy and a perspective of the market to create, implement, and measure marketing strategies and tactics, budget planning and allocation, and provider analysis and selection. You can include an Outsourced CMO as your ally for as long as required on a schedule arranged by both parties, as well as in meetings with the board of directors or with the internal marketing team to achieve real results regarding sales objectives, positioning or branding.


Ad Management

Our qualified team has the know-how and expertise to create performance-based campaigns with the goal of increasing your ROI and business profitability. They will create, program, analyze, and manage online ads according to the goals and budget established by the brand, all with the intention of accomplishing conversions in satisfied customers.

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Más vendido

We continuously advise the internal marketing team regarding the definition and implementation of tactics and strategies over a period of 1 to 6 hours per month to help them achieve their goals. The brand is previously assessed in order for our team to share a qualified opinion and continue on to solve any doubts that the client might have. Our goal will always be to help your brand outshine the competition by formulating a strategic marketing plan focused on growth.


Content Creation for Business Blogs


Our goal is to create conversion-driven content that truly performs and engages while aligning with your brand’s goals and its overall digital strategy. Our experts achieve this by creating blog posts related to the brand using web content writing and SEO techniques, which will position your website and allow it to leave the deep web. Strong copywriting is the heart of the client’s experience with your brand, and our team of creative talents is here to make that experience worthwhile and effective.


Creative Design Services

Our creative team is ready to bring your ideas to life using any graphic resource required by your brand, allowing it to achieve the desired marketing goals. We create impressive and memorable design pieces, which include images, illustrations, videos, GIFs, and banners for any physical or digital medium. Having high aesthetic value will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on clients, build trust, and give them a sense of connection to your brand.

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